People often visit Cambridge to see and enjoy many of the historic and beautiful buildings that Cambridge is famous for. Kings College Chapel is perhaps the most famous of Cambridge’s historic buildings, it is possible to attend a chapel service or to enter to the Chapel just to wonder at the marvelous vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows.

Cambridge University can boast of some of the most impressive architecture in the whole city, a number of the colleges have gatehouses of significant architectural importance. Located on Queens Lane the  gatehouse at Queens College is the oldest in the city and was built in 1448.  Built towards the end of the 15th century the Jesus Gatehouse located off Jesus Lane is a wonderfully eye catching example of historic Cambridge.

If you are taking a punt on the River Cam keep an eye out for Clare Bridge built in 1640 Clare Bridge is the oldest bridge on the River Cam.

If you prefer architecture of the 20th Century then Cambridge will not disappoint you, head to Marker Street to see a wonderful Art Nouveau shop built in 1910. The University Library is a grade II listed building built by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, worth a visit if only to enjoy one of the regular exhibitions the Library holds.