Cambridge Folk Festival

Sep 18

Every year thousands of people visit Cambridge to attend the Cambridge Folk Festival. Over the years the festival has developed into the biggest celebration of Folk Music in Europe.

The success of the Festival in part is due to the exciting and diverse range of artists who perform Blues, Roots, Gospel, Bluegrass, Cajun, Jazz and World folk Music. The organizers of the festival work incredibly hard to ensure that visitors to the festival have the chance to enjoy every type of folk music.

There are two main stages at the festival, Stage 1 is located in the main Festival Arena, the headline acts at the festival all appear on Stage 1.  Stage 2 is a smaller more personal venue providing a platform for all artists to perform on.  The Club Tent is a small tent run by Folk Clubs local to Cambridge and is particularly popular with festival goers as the Club Tent enables artists and audience to get on stage and perform together. In 2011 the Festival introduced a new stage The Den were new and emerging artists get the chance to perform a 15 minute session to a small supportive audience.

The Festival prides itself on great music and superb festival facilities.  It often rains during UK festivals so organizers have ensured that marquees cover the stages,  this and other provisions ensure that disabled people can visit and enjoy the festival.

Music and Instrument stalls, children’s creche, workshops and food stalls from around the world make sure that everybody visiting the Cambridge Folk Festival had a great time.

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